This is how bubble wrap can help you keep your home warm during winter

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a true miracle product

As soon as the cold winter hits, we often have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. It’s still dark out and, more importantly, it’s terribly cold in our home! The run from the warm bed to the shower or the coffee machine is true torture and it always takes a little while for the heating to do its thing. Especially the small windows in the bathroom or toilet can make your home feel like Antarctica in the morning.

So, just wear a bathrobe when you’re sprinting for the shower? No, there’s a better solution!


The window in the bathroom can cause a lot of cold air to get into your home and the same goes for that sneaky window in the toilet. Single-glazed windows are especially big culprits when it comes to icy homes, but even if you have double-glazed windows, your home might still be cold. Did you know there is a simple way to insulate your windows without spending a ton of money? In fact, you might even own the solution already!

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