This is how much money it costs to let your Christmas tree lights burn for 30 days


How much money does a lit up Christmas tree cost?

As soon as December rolls around, we like to bring out our Christmas decorations and start spreading the holiday cheer through our homes. Whether you’ve got a fake Christmas tree or buy a real one each year, you’re going to need a ton of lights! They make everything so cosy and warm. Yes, we love to have a Christmas tree around during the dark days of winter. But what does it cost to keep those lights burning all day every day?

What do Christmas tree lights do to your energy bill?

Kind of lights

We were wondering whether the lights on your Christmas tree have any significant effect on your energy bill and we found out. To find out how much money your Christmas tree costs each year, it’s important to distinguish between two kinds of lights. Have you been using the same lights for decades? Then there’s a good chance you’re still using old-fashioned lights. These use up a lot more energy than the more modern LED light strings.


But whether you’re using the energy-guzzling old lights or LED lights: the costs are pretty much negligible. If you let your Christmas tree lights burn for 30 days (but only when it’s dark outside), 100 LED lights use about 1,5 kWh. The average price per kWh is 0.22 euro, so that means you’ll pay about 0.33 euro for your Christmas tree. Do you still have those old lights? Keeping those lit for 30 days will cost you 2.31 euro. That’s quite a big difference! It’s still a negligible amount of money, though. So, no need to worry about the money, just put up those lights and enjoy Christmas!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels