Mice and other vermin will be a thing of the past with THIS animal friendly trick!

This is how you get rid of mice!

They might look cute, but nobody likes having them in their homes: mice. Unfortunately, even though you don’t want them around, sometimes it’s just inevitable. At least, that’s what you might think. Yet there is a way to keep out mice and other vermin, and you don’t have to use any kind of poison for it.

After all, those mice have done nothing to hurt you! Poisoning them is unnecessary and dangerous to both humans and animals. The solution is aluminium foil!


Firstly, it’s very important to keep you house clean, because mice love crumbs and other food scraps. You shouldn’t turn your house into a buffet for these furry creatures, so make sure you don’t have any food scraps lying around. You can do this by doing the dishes every day and cleaning your kitchen counters with a damp cloth every day as well. Store all of your food in the pantry in closed jars and containers made of plastic, glass or metal. Don’t keep things like cereal in the carton packaging it comes in, because a mouse will simply gnaw its way through the carton.

Aluminium foil

It’s also important to make sure that it isn’t too easy for the mice to get into your home through the cracks and crevices in your house. We understand the need for ventilation, but these holes also function as tiny doors for a mouse. What will help is stuffing these holes with a piece of aluminium foil. A mouse doesn’t like to gnaw on aluminium foil, so they will avoid your home from now on!

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