Are your hands starting to look older? These are the reasons why


It is probably because of these ‘bad’ habits.

Even though it is very normal, you don’t really want people to tell your age from your hands. Those beautiful, strong, and youthful hands won’t keep forever, but there are ways to prevent the aging of your skin. According to an American dermatologist, there are a few daily activities we do that make our hands look older than we really are. Do you want to do something about it? Follow these helpful tips. 

This is how you prevent the skin on your hands from aging.

Disinfectant gel

Do you suffer from germaphobia or, in other words, a fear of germs? Then you are likely to use some disinfectant gel on a daily basis. This gel makes sure that germs disappear from your hands. This is because there is a large amount of alcohol in these gels, which makes your skin really dry. Your hands will get dry and wrinkly much quicker when you use disinfectant gel. So don’t use it too much or try using it on the palms of your hands only.

Nail salon

Do you love getting your nails done at the local nail salon? Then you have probably had your hands under a UV lamp. This is not good for your hands as the light of this lamp makes your skin older. Therefore, try to limit your visits to the nail salon or try giving yourself a manicure at home. A few flasks of quality nail polish will go a long way already.

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