This ‘innocent’ habit may be a sign of Parkinson’s disease and dementia


It seems so innocent!

When we were kids, we used to tell whole stories in our sleep. In the morning you could laugh about it and it would be completely normal. It makes sense because children often talk in their sleep. The stories were about things that happened the previous day or, in most cases, they made no sense at all. Adults talk much less in their sleep. If they do talk in their sleep, it could be something serious: an early sign of Parkinson’s disease or dementia.

Talking in your sleep can be a symptom of certain diseases.


There is not a lot of research on sleep talking. When it was considered a disorder, research could be carried out. However, it has changed classification to just a normality instead of a disorder. Therefore people are less informed about sleep talking than they need to be. It is true that sleep talking does not mean that much most of the time. Though in some cases, sleep talking can be a sign of certain diseases or mental problems.

When we were kids

Talking while sleeping occurs specially amongst children who attend primary school. About half of these children tell whole stories in their sleep and that’s totally normal. As parents you probably noticed this already and you were able to laugh about it in the morning when you had breakfast. Talking in one’s sleep is much more difficult to notice in adults. Normally people find out if they’re talking in their sleep when they are in their 20s because this is often the age when people first share a bed with someone. Even then people only notice it when they’re lying awake next to their partner. Then again, talking in your sleep doesn’t have to mean a lot but it is a symptom of certain diseases so you should be on the lookout.

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