This is the sleeping hack soldiers use to fall asleep within 2 minutes

sleeping hack

This sleeping hack is said to make you fall asleep within two minutes

It happens to nearly everyone every now and then: not being able to fall asleep, or only falling asleep after hours of staring at the ceiling. When this happens to us, we just resign ourselves to the fact we won’t get much rest. When you can’t sleep, there isn’t a lot you can do about it. Or is there? Pilots and other members of the army use this trick to be able to fall asleep quickly.

This method is said to work 96 per cent of the time.

Sleeping hack

This is a sleeping hack that’s a big favourite among members of the army and pilots in particular. According to Woman and Home, this trick was developed so pilots would make fewer mistakes due to exhaustion when they’re flying. The trick was successful 96 per cent of the time, but getting the hang of it does take a little time. This percentage was reached after six weeks of practice. But once you do know how to do it, you’ll always be able to fall asleep quickly.

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