These are the 7 signs of appendicitis


On the basis of these symptoms, you can tell a case of appendicitis from a ‘normal’ stomachache

A stomachache is really uncomfortable of course, but in most cases it can be cured or lessened. When you have some period pains for example, you can make yourself a hot water bottle to ease the pain. However, when you have a case of appendicitis, a hot water bottle won’t help you much to alleviate the pain. Your body will give you these seven symptoms to tell you that something’s wrong.

With these symptoms, you can tell appendicitis from a stomachache.


An important difference between a normal stomachache and appendicitis is that the latter is acute and extremely painful. Therefore, people tend to call it acute appendicitis as well. Because the pain is really intense, you immediately know that something is not right. A lot of patients describe the pain as something they have never felt or experienced before.

What causes appendicitis?

It is not exactly clear what causes appendicitis. However, the most likely explanation is that a barrier in the cecum can cause an infection. A barrier can occur through a hard piece of stool. The piece blocks the cecum and causes an infection in the appendix that is connected to it. Hence the name appendicitis.

Read on the following page what the symptoms are and what you can do about appendicitis!

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