Physiotherapist shares 10-second trick to get rid of your headache


Your headache can be gone within 10 seconds with this trick, says a physiotherapist

People who have to deal with recurring headaches and migraines don’t have it easy. This debilitating pain is both mentally and physically exhausting and the throbbing, nagging pain is difficult to get rid of. Yet it turns out there’s a trick that will help you be headache-free withing 10 seconds if we’re to believe this physiotherapist!

Understanding your triggers and the type of headache you have can help you relieve or prevent the pain.

Tension headache

Does nothing seem to help against the pain in your head and are you at the end of your wits? Then it might be time to look at things from a new perspective. In an interview with Prevention Magazine, renowned physiotherapist David Reavy sheds some light on a very common cause of tension headaches. With this type of ache, the pain can vary from dull to moderate and it can occur very often or just once in a while. It’s often described as a pain that stretches around the head and that reaches to both sides of the head. Sometimes a tension headache causes your eyes to hurt.

Chewing muscle

Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and dehydration can be the causes of tension headaches. The chewing muscle, or masseter muscle, can also play a big role in this type of headache. This is the strongest muscle in the body and it can lead to a headache when it’s pulled too taut. The masseter muscle is located in the face, around the cheek and jaw, and is responsible for moving the jaw. A tense or overworked masseter muscle can lead to discomfort in your neck, shoulders and head. Headaches that are caused by this muscle can be relieved with a simple massage technique.

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