10 signals that indicate that you have too much stress

This is what chronic stress can do to your body

Everyone suffers from stress sometimes. This, in itself, is not bad at all. But if you experience stress for too long and it becomes chronic at some point, it is bad for your health. If you experience chronic stress, it’s very important to treat it immediately. But exactly how do you recognize chronic stress? These 10 signals tell you it’s time to slow down.

1. Back pain

If you often (or even continuously) experience pain in your back or shoulders, this can indicate chronic stress. If you are stressed, your shoulders neck and back tighten, which can ultimately cause complaints.

2. Headache

Everything in your body is interconnected, so muscle tension can also lead to a headache or even migraine. If you have tension in your back or shoulders, you can be extra susceptible to headaches.

3. Shortness of breath

Did you know that stress influences your breathing? If you have difficulty breathing, this may be due to stress. That’s why people who are stressed also often hyperventilate. With breathing techniques, you can stimulate relaxation and create a more free air flow.

4. Asthma

Research shows that chronic stress can also cause more asthma attacks in people who suffer from this condition. Stress can also make you more susceptible to respiratory diseases, such as a cold. In addition, it can weaken your immune system.

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