Cheers! Drinking champagne can be good for you


Why having a glass of bubbly is a good start to the new year. 

The countdown to the new year might become extra cheery this year. It turns out that having a glass of champagne is not only a festive way to usher in 2023, it might also have some significant health benefits. 


Dermatologist Marina Peredo explained in an interview with New Beauty that people with greasy and blemished skin can especially benefit from the bubbly drink. “Champagne can help your complexion become more even. The antibacterial effect can help clear your skin of pimples.” Although this sounds great, the only downside is that drinking champagne is not the way to create these results. You would have to apply the bubbly drink directly to your skin and it might just be too good (and expensive) to waste like that. Luckily, drinking champagne may have some benefits too. 


According to the University of Reading in England, drinking champagne (in moderation, of course) can have a positive effect on your memory. Jeremy Spencer, professor and research leader, claims that drinking one to three glasses of champagne a week could fight memory loss and even reduce the risk of getting dementia. All of this is because of phenolic acid, a substance present in the grapes that are used for making the drink. Talking about an unexpected advantage!

So if you are planning on celebrating the end of 2022 and the start of a new year, you might as well pop open a bottle of champagne and start 2023 with a minor improvement to your memory. I know I will. 

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Source: Kookfans, New Beauty, | Image: Unsplash, Alexander Naglestad