7x This is what your appearance says about your character and health

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Whether we want it or not, we all judge others. Within a second you form an opinion about someone you don’t know at all. That applies to the cashier in the supermarket, that new colleague or your handsome Tinder date. We think we can judge how intelligent someone is, or how reliable, on the basis of looks. It happens that our first impression is completely off, but the 7 things below really say something about someone’s personality. Good to know!

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Did you know that people can tell what kind of person someone is just based on a photo? A research from 2009 says that just a quick look at someone can give you an idea of how confident they are, if they’re religious, extroverted, detail oriented or accommodating they are. You really don’t need much to get an idea of how someone is!

2. Attractive is capable?

You’ve probably already heard that good looking people have more redeeming qualities. Psychologists call this the “halo effect.” If someone looks good, then we automatically assume that they’re intelligent or devoted. They are often paid more and have a higher chance of receiving promotions. Life really isn’t fair.

3. Face and leadership

Did you know that people judge your ability to lead based on your height and the length of your face? Tall people with a long face are seen as better leaders. This was shown by research done in 2013. Weird, right?

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