Physiotherapist shares 10-second trick to get rid of your headache

Massage technique

According to Reavy, this technique can make your headache disappear in just a couple of seconds. First, locate the groove right beneath your cheekbone and above your jawbone with your fingers. Using one or two fingertips should work. Let your fingers rest on the fleshy part of the masseter muscle. This is the area you’re going to apply the massage technique to. Massage the area with your fingers or knuckles inwards and downwards. Apply gentle pressure and open and close your mouth while you’re doing this. After a few seconds, your masseter muscle will feel more relaxed already and your headache will dwindle away.


It’s smart to apply this massage technique already when you can feel the tension headache coming on. The physiotherapist also says there are people who tend to clench their jaws when they feel stressed. For those people, it’s especially important to apply this technique on a regular basis. People who grind their teeth in their sleep can also benefit from this method as it will ease the pain.

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Source: TipHero | Image: Unsplash

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