This is why you should drink lemon water every day

lemon water

Drinking lemon water brings many health benefits

Water with lemon: we mainly add a slice of lemon to liven up a simple glass of water. But did you know that drinking water with lemon every day has many health benefits? So many that you will probably feel inclined to spontaneously run to the market to stock up on that yellow fruit. Curious about the benefits? We list them for you.

1. Anti-aging

We all age, but this does not mean that we have to settle for sagging skin. Thanks to its large dose of vitamin C, water with lemon helps repair damaged skin cells and reduces blemishes, deep grooves, wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Helps prevent acne

The good quantities of water with lemon can help heal your skin from the inside. This does not mean that acne, blackheads and other skin blemishes will completely disappear, but it’s worth trying, isn’t it?

3. Stronger, healthier hair

Lemon water helps to maintain the health of your hair. The good properties in lemon also strengthen the hair roots, promoting new hair growth. And also, lemon water has an astringent property that can help reduce oiliness of the hair. Very useful!

4. Faster recovery from illness

Do you have bleeding gums? Fill a glass with lukewarm water and add the juice of a lemon. You will notice that after a minute of gargling, the bleeding decreases. This cleansing effect of lemon water also aids the recovery from the disease. Do you have a high fever or a soar throat? Lemon water helps kill the bacteria.

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