This is what could happen if you wrap a slice of bread around your foot! Will you try it?


Wrapping bread around your foot? Don’t knock it until you try it!

Summer is here in all its glory, so we’re all collectively heading outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Whether it is to take a nice long walk or to relax in a park or at the beach; we’re here for it. We love being able to get out our summer wardrobe again and wear sandals and flip flops for days on end. But are your feet summer ready?

Are your feet ready for summer?


When it’s warm outside, it’s so nice to be able to wear light, airy clothes like a summer dress or some shorts and a T-shirt. Our feet also like to enjoy the sunshine but if your feet aren’t really ready to be shown to the world, putting on a pair of sandals can feel like a difficult thing to do. Because our feet are shut in inside muggy socks and shoes all winter, they don’t exactly get prettier during those cold, dark months. Calluses can look pretty ugly and corns don’t just look awful; they’re also very painful!

Luckily, a simple slice of bread can offer a solution to this problem. Go to the next page to keep reading!

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