This is why you should never share your passwords with your partner


You never know…

When you’re in a relationship, you share a lot of things with your partner. Your bad habits, your cooking skills and if there really isn’t any other option, some people even brush their teeth with their partner’s toothbrush. But what’s the deal with sharing your passwords?

Do you share your passwords with your partner?


A relationship can’t function properly if there is a lack of trust, but does that mean you should also share your passwords with your partner? When someone knows your password, they can do all kinds of wrong things with it. You probably trust your partner through and through, but would that trust still be there if the relationship were to come to an end?

Behind your back

A broken heart can do nasty things to a person, but even when your relationship is doing fine it can be tempting to some people to nose through their partners’ emails behind their back. Research by Better Buy Insurance shows that 30 per cent of people who know their partners’ passwords have made use of them without their loved one knowing about it. This is exactly the reason why you should keep your passwords to yourself.


Millennials in particular regret sharing their password with their better half. 41 per cent of the people between 18 and 34 said they regretted it. Of the respondents that were 55 years and older, only 5 per cent regretted sharing.


When you’re in a relationship with someone, you probably trust them through and through. But it’s clear that there’s not much left of this trust once the relationship ends. 65 per cent of the respondents explains that they would no longer trust their ex-partner with their password and they would change their passwords right away if the relationship were to end. Another reason to not share your password: it saves you a lot of hassle when the relationship is over.

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Source: MetroBetter Buy Insurance | Image: Unsplash