5 signs that can indicate that a family member has Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's disease

These things seem normal, but may indicate some form of dementia

Do you have a mother, aunt, uncle or father who regularly puts their keys in very peculiar places? Are you regularly called by a family member with a very simple question? This can happen, of course, but when this kind of thing occurs often, it is possible they might suffer from some kind of dementia. These five signs may indicate Alzheimer’s disease.


We keep on getting older, which is why dementia emerges more and more often in elderly people. Due to an aging population, the number of people with dementia has increased fivefold. And it is suspected that it will double in the next 25 years. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia.

1. Difficulty learning new things

Learning to deal with a new mobile phone or iPad? It seems to be impossible for some people. Do you notice that a family member has difficulty learning new things? If they forget things recently learned, this may indicate an early stage of Alzheimer’s.

2. Making mistakes with important matters

Taking medication, paying bills, or preparing a dish: suddenly it is not that easy anymore. Do you notice that a family member experiences problems with everyday activities? Then these can be early signs of Alzheimer’s.

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