Do you ever have pain or a tingling in your hands? Then read this!

pain hands

Maybe this is the cause of the tingling and pain!

Do you occasionally suffer from a tingling or pain in your hands? For example, when you have been lying or sitting on your hand for a while. If so, then of course that’s quite normal. But do you experience this feeling very often? Then maybe there is more going on.

Pain or tingling in the hand can be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is tingling and numbness in the middle of the hand. It is caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. This nerve runs from the forearm through the wrist to the hand. The space through which this nerve passes is called the carpal tunnel. A swelling can develop in this tunnel, after which the pressure in the tunnel increases and the nerve that runs through it can become pinched. This will cause strange symptoms, like a tingling hand or fingers. Massage can help release tension in the muscles attached to the tendon that must pass through the narrow tunnel.

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