These things can cause your teeth to turn yellow

yellow teeth

These are the biggest no-no’s

Nowadays, pictures are taken everywhere. What’s better in those photos than a beautiful smile? However, you may not end up smiling when the first thing you see in those photos are yellow teeth. But what are the real no-no’s when it comes to yellowing your teeth?

Say hello to beautiful white teeth!

1. Food

Certain foods are a big no-no when it comes to yellow teeth. Curries, berries and even the tomatoes in your pasta sauce can cause this. We get it: it tastes so good. Fortunately, you can add things to counteract the yellowing effect. Do you usually make pasta sauce with tomatoes only? Next time, add some green vegetables to slow the yellowing. Did you eat berries? Then drink some milk to neutralize the acids in the fruits.

2. Drinking

Of course we have to hydrate, but many of us don’t feel like drinking a lot of water. Some variation is nice, especially in the evening. Coffee, tea, and red and white wine are drinks that some people enjoy every day, but those can also cause discoloration of your teeth. Try to ignore wine, and choose coffee and tea without caffeine.

3. Smoking

We do not have to tell you that smoking is unhealthy and that the purchase of cigarettes is also an attack on your wallet. And there’s another negative effect: the nicotine in the cigarettes leaves a yellowish or sometimes brown color on your teeth. Our advice? Leave those cigarettes alone.

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