She puts a piece of bread on her child’s plaster for a trick we didn’t know yet!


Who knew bread was good for this!

Most of us will agree on the fact that bread is really tasty. But did you know it can be used for much more than just enjoying its deliciousness? Today, we’ve got a bread-tip for you! 

It turns out, you can use a piece of bread as a pair of tweezers. Yes, you read that right! When your child has gotten a splinter it can be a real drama. It hurts, and trying to pull it out with a pair of cold steel tweezers often hurts even more. It’s much better for a child to let the splinter come out on its own. Try this trick with a plaster and a piece of bread to make that happen!

How to do it:
You can make a splinter remove itself from the skin by placing a piece of bread on a plaster, and then sticking the plaster over the splinter. Make sure the bread covers the splinter and the plaster is attached nice and tight. Do this before bed, and take off the plaster the next morning after waking up. You’ll notice that the splinter is now stuck in the piece of bread instead of in the skin! Handy right? And there was no need for poking around with a pair of sharp tweezers at all!

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