5 signs that can indicate that a family member has Alzheimer’s disease

3. Put things in weird places

If you have a family member who often loses his or her belongings, this may indicate Alzheimer’s disease. We all get confused sometimes, and accidentally put our keys in the fridge or our telephone in a weird place. This can happen, and is usually not a problem. However, if this happens too often, something may be wrong.

4. Problems with language

One of the most important signs of Alzheimer’s is language problems. This entails things like repeating questions, forgetting words and pronunciations, and putting sentences out of order. The incorrect naming of objects can also be part of this. For example, the person mentions a “chair” while pointing to a couch.

5. Forgetting names

Occasionally forgetting a name as we get older is perfectly normal. But can your family member no longer remember someone’s name at all? Or does he or she no longer recognize certain family members? Then this is a clear sign of Alzheimer’s.

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Source: The Healthy | Image: Pexels