Oops: you should actually never do THESE things when you’ve just woken up


You should never do these things when you’ve just woken up

Waking up: for some people it’s the easiest thing in the world, while other people struggle with it every single morning. Unfortunately, we’re part of that last group and our alarm clock makes us truly unhappy. Our first instinct is to crawl back under the covers and throw it against the wall. Yet duty calls and we usually have to get up soon after.

It’s high time to take a good critical look at our morning ritual, because it can definitely be improved upon. These are the things you should never do after you’ve just woken up.


We know this is bad, yet we do it a couple of times every single morning: pressing the snooze button. Five more minutes… Snoozing really is bad for you, though. You don’t immediately have to do a somersault towards the shower, but do sit up straight and don’t close your eyes again. If you press the snooze button and fall back asleep, you’ll start a new sleep cycle. This cycle will be interrupted again by the alarm and your body gets really confused by this.

Keep lying in the fetal position

Like we said; you don’t have to sprint to the bathroom right away. It’s fine to allow yourself some time to wake up, but at least make sure you sit up straight and do some stretches. According to Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy you’ll start your day with more confidence when you stretch your body after you’ve just woken up. Sleeping in the fetal position is a bad idea anyway, because if you sleep with your knees against your chest you’ll often wake up stressed. That’s because this position causes your brain to give your body a subtle signal that it’s being attacked by something.

Check your phone

You spend enough time looking at screens during the day: phone, pc and television. Don’t let the first thing you do in the morning be checking your phone, even if the urge is strong. According to psychologists, this is bad for your mental health, since you’re immediately exposed to all kinds of triggers. It’s much better to spend the first ten minutes of the day on just yourself. Take your time to do some stretches; this is a much healthier way to start the day.

Get ready in the dark

We definitely get it; you don’t feel ready for the bright light just yet. That’s why you keep the curtains closed and the lights turned off; this way your eyes can get used to the light nice and easy. You can dress by feel just fine! You shouldn’t do this, though, because it sends the wrong message to your body. Your biological clock is very sensitive to light and dark. Getting dressed in the dark gives the signal to your body that it’s still night and this causes you to start the day feeling tired. Just open the curtains or turn on the light straight away; this will make sure you wake up much quicker!

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