Do you sometimes have a strange little bump behind your ear? THIS is what it means!


This is the cause of a bump behind your ear!

Loads of people will probably recognise this; a tough little bump that appears behind your ear out of the blue, and that disappears just as suddenly. But what is this weird little bump?

It’s a recognisable but often misunderstood phenomenon. The bump is usually the same colour as your skin, smooth and feels like a small marble. It doesn’t hurt to touch it. The strangest thing about it is that it just comes and goes as it pleases, though. What causes this? Is it dangerous or not? We did some research and this is what we found out! A little spoiler: you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Lymph nodes
The bump is completely harmless. Even better; it’s a positive sign! When you notice it, chances are that you’ve got a swollen lymph node. These small lymph nodes are glands that make sure all of the toxins, waste and other unwanted materials are taken out of your body through your blood. In places where the glands are centered (behind your ear, for example), they can start to swell.

Having a bump like this is actually very positive: it means you’ve come into contact with bacteria and that your body is doing all it can to fight them. The glands do this by multiplying white blood cells. This multiplication is what makes the lymph node swell up. Please note: do you not just have one of these bumps but are you also suffering from a high fever and fatigue? Then it’s time to visit your doctor.

Phew, so the bump is nothing to worry about! Hopefully we’ve eased some of your worries as well as our own!

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