These are the things you should NEVER clean with baking soda!

baking soda

It can seriously damage your stuff…

Baking soda is a true miracle product. It can work wonders when you’re baking, but it’s also an amazing cleaning agent! For example, you can use it to clean your oven with or use this trick to keep your trash can from smelling. Although you can use this white powder for a whole number of cleaning chores, you should never use it when you’re cleaning the following items.

Never clean these items with baking soda.

Aluminium cookware

You can use baking soda to clean metal pots and pans with, but you should be careful when you’re cleaning aluminium items. Do you have an aluminium pan you want to clean with the handy white powder? You can do it, but the trick is to be swift. Briefly scrub the pan with the soda and then immediately rinse it with water very quickly. If you leave soda to soak into the pan, the item will change colour.

Antique silver

With baking soda you can quickly and easily clean silverware, but don’t use it for cleaning antique silver. Baking soda can have a scouring effect on the silver and that can damage the beautiful antique silverware you own.

Golden tableware

We don’t think a lot of people will have completely golden plates, but some people might have a luxury tableware set with golden details. If you want to properly clean this, you have to be careful with baking soda. You run the risk of scrubbing the gold of the plates, and that would be such a pity.

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Source: The Kitchn | Image: Pixabay