THIS is the best thing to do if you haven’t been able to poop in a few days


Don’t go for the drugs straight away

Just how often you poop is different for everyone. Some people visit the toilet for this reason once a day, while others only do so a few times a week. Are you having trouble doing a number two? Try this tip before reaching inside the medicine cabinet.

This is the best thing to do.


Have you not pooped for a few days, but is this normal for your body? Then there’s no need to worry. But do you usually do a number two every day and have you been unable to for a couple of days? If that’s the case, this article might be of help to you. Our tip: drink as much as possible – but steer clear of drinks that are dehydrating (like alcoholic beverages, for instance).


Proper hydration causes your poop to become more flexible and makes it easier for it to find its way outside if you’ve been unable to go to the toilet for a few days. This way, you’ll prevent pooping from feeling like labor. Another tip is to go for a walk or to exercise in another way.

More than a week

Has it been more than a week since the last time you “baked a brownie”? Then visiting your local pharmacy is probably not a bad idea. Choose a medicine you’re able to get without a doctor’s note. Start off with a low dose and increase it if necessary.

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Source: Women’s Health | Image: Pexels