Wow: This is what the position you sleep in says about your health!


How healthy is your sleeping position?

The way you prefer to lie in bed can tell you a lot about your health. For example, did you know that some sleeping positions can be really bad for your body? This is important stuff to know about, since we spend a third of our lives asleep.

We can divide sleepers in roughly three categories: those who sleep on their backs, those who sleep on their sides and those who sleep on their stomachs. The way you sleep can be really good for you, but it might also just be the cause of certain physical ailments you have.

On your back

Do you sleep on your back? Then you’re in luck, because this is the healthiest way to sleep! This is because it’s the most natural position to lie down in. This position places the least pressure on your vertebrae because they’re placed in a horizontal line this way. This causes your back, neck and other muscles to experience less pressure too. You also leave your face free in this position, which is better for your skin. Do you like to burrow your face into your pillows? This increases the chance of sleep wrinkles. The only disadvantage to sleeping on your back is that it worsens snoring.

On your side

Do you sleep on your side? You’re definitely not the only one, because this is the most common sleeping position. When you sleep on your side you can develop pain in your arms and legs because you’re constantly lying on one side. Sleeping on your right side is also disadvantageous for your digestion and heartburn. An upside: sleeping on your side improves circulation and reduces snoring.

On your belly

We have bad news for people who sleep on their stomachs. This position is the most unhealthy. You’ll develop neck complaints, since your head is completely turned, and it also causes back issues. Your vertebrae are lying in an unnatural position, which causes you to move around more and be more restless when you sleep. To be able to breathe properly, you’ll have to move to your left or right more often. Plus, try lying on your belly with a full stomach; it’s not the best feeling in the world!

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