6 ways to prevent athlete’s foot and with that, fungal nail infections

athletes foot

Because when you get it, it is hard to get rid of

Nobody wants to get athlete’s foot. But unfortunately, some people will be plagued by this skin infection. If you don’t get the necessary treatment, this can ultimately result in a fungal nail infection. And fungal nail infections usually take a long time to treat, or sometimes can’t be treated at all. That is why you need some tips to make sure athlete’s foot stays away.

1. Dry feet

Fungi love damp spots! That makes your sweaty feet paradise for them. That is why it is important to always keep your feet clean and make sure you dry them off before putting on shoes. Whenever you take a shower, don’t just dry your feet by stepping on your bathmat, use your towel to dry in between your toes too. It might be a little bit of a hassle but way better than dealing with athlete’s foot!

2. Flipflops

Do you like to go swimming at the public pool? Or do you enjoy going to the sauna or taking a shower in the locker room after hitting the gym? Then it is important that you protect your feet. If someone with athlete’s foot stepped into that shower before you, that contagious fungus might just transfer to your feet too. That means that wearing flip flops or slides when you shower in public showers, could just save your feet from any unwanted foot infections.

3. Clean socks

If you clean your feet regularly but wear the same socks all week, you’re basically undoing all the hard work you just put into scrubbing your feet. Clean socks are important to make sure fungi don’t stand a chance. So change into a new pair of socks every day. If your feet get very sweaty, you might want to switch socks more often. This also applies to your shoes. If you have worn your shoes all day, give them some time to breathe. If you switch pairs every day, your shoes won’t become too sweaty and fungi won’t get the opportunity to nestle in your kicks. And it is a good excuse to invest in a new pair of boots!

4. The right footwear

If you want to make sure that your feet don’t get too sweaty, you might want to buy a comfortable pair of shoes. Particularly a pair that provides a lot of breathability. For example, leather shoes. A shoe that is breathable doesn’t make your feet sweat as much. Socks made from synthetic fibers also help absorb moisture, keeping your feet dry and with that, free of fungi!

5. Don’t share your nail clippers

If you want to make sure that you don’t accidentally get infected by other people, it would be wise to refrain from sharing your nail care products; like nail clippers and files. When you use your manicure set, it is important to clean everything thoroughly. And use disposable nail files. That way, you can throw them out after using them once, limiting the risk of getting an infection or infecting others.

6. Look at your feet

Unfortunately, you might still get athlete’s foot. Even with these tips. But that is why it is important to regularly check your feet for infections. Are you experiencing an itchy feeling between your toes and is the skin on your feet flaky? You might be dealing with athlete’s foot. If your nail suddenly changes color, or if the texture changes, a fungal nail infection could be the cause. So always check your feet and contact your doctor whenever you notice something that wasn’t there before.

This way, you can nip the infection in the bud before it has a chance to get worse!

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Source: WebMD | Image: Unsplash, Lucrezia Carnelos