Great news for all dog owners! If you’re not sure if you should get a dog, this might help you decide!

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Another good reason to have a dog!

Do you have a dog? Then you know how much joy this pet can bring. There’s a reason they’re called “man’s best friend”! They’re loyal, sweet and happy, and they’re always there for you. It’s no secret that dogs can be beneficial to your mental health; they can reduce stress and combat loneliness. But did you know that they can also help improve your physical health?

Are you still on the fence on whether or not your should get a dog? This might help you decide!

Swedish researchers performed a study in which a whopping 3.4 million people participated. They found out that dog owners have a lower mortality rate than people who don’t own a dog. To be more specific: dog owners have a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks. So, owning a dog will basically make sure you live longer! The dog breed can even make a difference as well. The mortality rate was even lower for people who had dogs from hunting breeds, such as terriers or retrievers.

There are a couple of reasons for this significant difference. Of course, having a dog will automatically mean you have to be physically active. You have to walk your dog, after all. But the researchers also explain that being around a dog so much means you’re exposed to bacteria you wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. This changes something in your microbiome, which has an impact on your health and your longevity. Another reason is that having a dog makes sure you have more social contact and increases your overall well-being. In other words: having a dog means you’re more healthy.

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Source: Country Living UK | Image: Max Pixel