Shocking: take this heart age quiz and you’ll know how healthy your heart really is

heart age
What is your heart age?

The age of your heart doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your actual age. There are different factors that can age your heart without you meaning for that to happen. It’s important to know what kind of lifestyle is good for your heart and your health and what kind of habits are unhealthy. No one likes to have a heart that’s ageing prematurely and might also stop ticking prematurely. So, time to calculate your heart age…

…if you dare.

Ageing heart

Factors that will age your heart prematurely are stress, being overweight and not enough exercise. Smoking isn’t very good for your ticker either. Want to hear a shocking fact? One in five people risks a premature death due to these factors. Why would you want to risk that? Time to become more aware of your own lifestyle and what this means for you. Perhaps you’ll be able to change a few of your unhealthy habits. If this helps you to live a longer and more healthy life, what’s to lose? It all starts with awareness.

Heart test

There are a lot of people in the United Kingdom who have a heart age that’s much higher than their actual age. That’s why the British Heart Foundation and the NHS have partnered up to make a test that will tell you what your lifestyle does to your heart. It’s a very easy test and it only takes a little bit of time. Afterwards, you’ll know exactly what state your heart is in. Plus, at the end of the test, you’ll also get some tips on how you can improve your heart’s health.

Are you over 30 years old? Then you should take this test.

Are you not yet 30 years old? Then you should take this test.

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Source: NHS | Image: Pixabay