Don’t throw away Coke that’s gone flat – use it in your garden instead

Coke can be super useful in the garden

Many households usually have a bottle of Coke somewhere in a fridge or a pantry, whether it is for parties or because¬†you like to drink it yourself. Unfortunately, this dark-coloured drink isn’t very tasty anymore once it’s gone flat… When this happens, a lot of people just pour it down the drain, but there’s no need for that anymore. You can simply use it in your garden!

We’re never throwing it out again.


Coca-Cola is the most popular soda worldwide. Pretty much everyone in the world knows the brand and has at least tasted the sweet, black fizzy drink. It’s no surprise that most people have a bottle of Coke laying in the fridge somewhere, whether they like to drink it themselves or keep it for guests. However, Coke that has gone flat tastes bad and usually gets thrown away. Stop doing that, as Coke is still very useful in the garden.


For people who like to have a neat-looking flower bed or even a herb garden or vegetable patch, snails can be a real nuisance. They nibble on everything they can find, which makes the leaves look eaten and ugly and they can even end up dying. That’s a real waste of the tireless efforts you’ve put into your beautiful garden. Don’t lunge for the poison straight away if you want to get rid of the snails. Try first filling a shallow bowl with Coke. The sugar in the sweet, black drink attracts snails and slugs, but they can’t survive drinking it because of the acids. The best method is to bury the bowl in the soil a little so the slugs and snails will crawl right in.

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