Skin cancer: almost everyone forgets to check these 10 spots


Avoid a lot of trouble by checking yourself for skin cancer every month

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, but it is also a type of cancer that can be effectively treated – but, it’s important to discover the symptoms at an early stage. By monthly checking your skin for suspicious spots or moles, you can prevent a lot of misery. A small side-note: make sure to check yourself from head to toe. So, don’t forget to check these 10 places.

1. Between your toes

Just check: do you ever apply sunscreen between your toes? Probably not. These areas are regularly unprotected from the sun in summer, and are therefore susceptible to skin cancer. Check for pink and flaky spots between your toes, as this may indicate skin cancer or melanoma. Take a photo and check if it is still there in a few weeks’ time.

2. In your ears

Your ears have uneven surfaces, nooks and crannies. Don’t only check your ear lobes but inspect your entire ear. Are there any strange bumps or any bleeding? Then keep an eye on this. Please get in touch with your doctor if these irregularities don’t heal.

3. Your eyes

Do you have growths or bumps around your eyes? Puffy eyelids or red eyes? Have your eyelashes suddenly started falling out? These can all be signs of skin cancer. Check your eyes for these symptoms every month. If the symptoms remain then it’s wise to pay a visit to your doctor.

4. Down under

Private parts are also susceptible to melanoma. Especially if you’re partial to visiting a solarium. In that case there is a good chance that you will be naked under ultraviolet radiation, so it is wise to regularly check things down there for strange spots or a general discoloration of the skin.

Where else do you need to check? You can read about it on the next page.

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