You have to log this many steps to burn fat

burn fat

Walking can also help to burn fat

Running on the treadmill, doing ten burpees, and straining your shoulders and arms on the pull-up bar: these are definitely effective ways to burn fat. Are these the fun ways? Gym enthusiasts are likely to nod, but many other people would rather do it differently. By walking, for example. How many steps do you have to take to burn fat?

Do you want to burn fat but not do these workouts at the gym? Try this!


Walking regularly can be very good for overall health, but especially for your heart and blood vessels. It can also lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol. As a result, the risk of heart problems can decrease considerably if you take at least one brisk walk per week. Walking is also a good way to strengthen your muscles and bones. Would you also like to lose some extra kilos? Then we will tell you exactly how many steps you need to take to burn fat. Only benefits will result!

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