6 tips that will help you keep your blood sugar levels stable

blood sugar levels

Prevent blood sugar spikes by following these tips

Crisps, candy, cake: we love to snack, but we do try to do so in moderation. Yet in some cases that’s easier said than done. For some people, it’s impossible to not eat anything for a few hours without getting shaky and grumpy. This might have something to do with your blood sugar levels not being stable.

If your blood sugar levels are stable, you’ll feel more energised and fit.

Stable blood sugar levels are important

If your blood sugar levels fluctuate constantly, you’ll be much more sensitive to giving in to cravings, you’ll have sugar dips and you feel very tired all the time. What’s causing this exactly? Here’s how it works: every time you eat something, your blood sugar levels increase. The sugars from the food you eat (they’re also known as ‘glucose’) end up in your bloodstream. The more glucose your food contains, the higher your blood sugar spikes are. Constantly fluctuating blood sugar levels aren’t good for your health. If you have high blood sugar spikes, your body produces a higher amount of insulin and this increased amount of insulin causes your blood sugar to drop again more quickly as well. Besides this, your body will store more body fat. The fluctuations also have an effect on your hormones, digestion and it increases the risk of diabetes.


Because of all the things we mentioned above, it’s important to maintain stable blood sugar levels. That’s why we’ve got six tips for you that will help you out.

1. Don’t skip breakfast!

It’s very important to always have breakfast. To be more specific, it’s wise to start the day with a meal that’s rich in protein; this makes you feel full and keeps your blood sugar levels stable. That’s why you should start the day with products like cheese, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds or meat.

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