A workout before bed: this is what it does to your body


Should you break a sweat at night?

Working out has some major benefits for your health, so how could it be possible that physical activity might affect you in a negative way? It all depends on the time of day you choose to get your daily dose of exercise. 


Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, taking some time for yourself, exercise; there are a lot of things we have to do to keep our bodies healthy. But with all the things we have going on like work, family and just life in general, it almost seems impossible to do it all. So it is sometimes more convenient to hit the gym right before bed. You get yourself all tired, take a shower afterwards and then you’re ready for a snooze. But apparently that’s not how it works. Experts say that getting into rigorous exercise right before bed can influence your sleeping pattern in a negative way. 

Wide awake

While you’re doing your workout, your heartbeat will go up and your body’s temperature will rise too. Both of these are things that you want to avoid before bed: your chances of falling asleep are better when your body temperature is low. A racing heartbeat also won’t help you fall asleep faster. The result: after some intense exercising, you’ll be wide awake. A straining workout will make this unfortunate side effect even bigger, resulting in more tossing and turning. 

If your only option is to work out in the evenings, you’d do well to remember to take it slow. If you want to get a good night’s sleep afterwards, you should workout early in the evening and don’t go all in. End your routine with a cooling down to get your heartbeat and body temperature back to normal and that should help you sleep while feeling extra healthy. 

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Source: Marie Claire | Image: Unsplash, mr lee