Get some fresh air: should you spend time outside in the winter?

fresh air

Time to go out for a hike!

The air just feels a little different in winter. Somehow it feels more fresh. And even though we tend to stay inside a lot when it gets colder outside, venturing out in the cold to get some fresh air can actually be beneficial for your health.


So why should we go outside during the day when it feels so much more comfortable to stay close to our heater? This is mainly because of the sun. In winter, the sun isn’t out for as long as it is in summer and it shines a little less bright. This means that the sun doesn’t provide us with as much vitamin D as we should get. Especially if we stay indoors all day and only go out after work when the sun has already gone down. That is why it is recommended to go out for a walk between eleven and three o’clock. That way your body comes into contact with daylight, causing your biological clock to function better. This has a positive effect on the amount of sleep you get in winter.

Another benefit is the freshness of the air outside. They don’t call it ‘fresh air’ for nothing! The air outside of your house literally is more fresh than the one inside. Professor Philomena Bluyssen said in an article by Holistik that the air quality inside of your house can get worse because of all the chemicals and objects we use and keep inside. Apparently cleaning supplies, plastic toys, the material that your house is made of and even furniture affects the quality of the air inside of your house.


When you go out for a walk in the cold air, it has various health benefits. When you walk outside, your body breaks down cortisol, a stress hormone. That means that going out for a walk can make you less stressed. Another benefit is that going out for a short hike will boost your immune system. And even though summer seems like the best time to head out, the fact that we barely see the sun in winter makes it a good time to get some much needed vitamin D.

So let’s put on our hiking boots and get some fresher than fresh air!

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Source: Max Vandaag, | Image: Unsplash, Lona