Pruning your garden in the winter? This is how to do it


Should you be pruning your garden when it freezes?

Even though a big part of your garden goes dormant during winter, it is the perfect time for pruning. There are a lot of trees and bushes that could definitely use a little ‘haircut’ when it gets could outside but because of the cold weather, there are some things to keep in mind. 

Pruning in winter

So why should you even venture out into the cold to care for your green friends if they’re hibernating anyway? If you prune your garden in winter, you provide the bush or tree with opportunities to create new shoots. This will make sure that it will grow new branches and leaves in spring. If you have a tree or bush that grew a little too enthusiastically, this is also the perfect time to get it back to its original shape and size. That way, it can grow bigger when the temperatures go up. A lot of trees and bushes put their sap flow on hold when it gets cold outside. This makes winter the perfect time to cut off some branches.

Of course, there are exceptions: maples can actually ‘bleed to death’ when you prune them in winter. So research your species of trees and bushes before you start cutting. You don’t want to accidentally kill one of them!

Freezing weather

Pruning in winter is actually beneficial for some of your trees and bushes. But luckily you don’t have to go out when temperatures hit the freezing point. When you prune your trees right before it freezes or when it starts to freeze, your plants might get damaged. This is because pruning gives the branches a wound. When it freezes outside, the wound can get damaged, causing fungi to affect your beloved bushes and trees later. Have you pruned some branches when it suddenly starts freezing? Then cover the wounds on the branches until the temperature moves up again.

Did you want to prune your garden and you find out that it is supposed to freeze within three days? Then take off your gardening gloves and crawl back under your warm blanket on the couch. You can try again when it stops freezing.

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Source: Max Vandaag | Image: Pexels, Anna Shvets