Do you wash your face in the shower? You might want to stop and here’s why!


Should you wash your face in the shower or not?

We all sometimes wash our face when taking showers; it’s just quicker and easier. Skin experts say it’s best not to do that, though, because hot water can damage your face. And we all want to have healthy skin, of course!

Experts in skin care say we shouldn’t wash our face in the shower. The hot water we wash the rest of our bodies with can damage our skins. An obvious solution would be to wash your face at the sink. At the sink you can regulate the water temperature much better than in shower, explains skin expert Dr Tanzi. It’s also best to use tepid or cold water to wash your face, especially for people who have delicate skin.

Hot water can damage and dehydrate, which can give you dry skin. Using cold water is particularly recommended to people who suffer from redness in their faces. Hot water ensures that your blood will circulate quicker, which will only increase the redness in your face. Plus, using shower products on the skin of your face only inflicts more damage. So, be careful when you wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner and make sure neither product gets on your face!

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