This is what the shape of your belly can say about your health


Your belly is much more than just ‘flat’ or ‘fat’ 

There are many different factors that can influence the shape of your belly. When you’ve had a few too many snacks during the weekend, you probably notice it yourself right away. You can also notice a difference in the shape of your belly when you’re menstruating, for example. And did you know its shape can even indicate health problems?

The shape of your belly can tell you a lot about your health.


Do you regularly experience a bloated feeling, especially at the end of the day, which is making your stomach look swollen? This can indicate a problem with your digestion. When you’re experiencing cramps, diarrhoea or obstipation as well, this is often the cause. In this case, it is important to eat healthily, be careful with starchy products and nuts and drink as few soft drinks as possible. When the problems persist, it might be wise to contact your doctor.


It’s also possible that you think your belly is swollen, but that this is actually due to bad posture. When you stand a little hunched, it can seem as if your stomach is bigger. This is easy to fix, of course: stand up straight. How do you do this? It’s very simple: tilt your pelvis forwards and straighten your upper body. You could also consider taking a few yoga or pilates lessons; these will help you improve your posture and they’re good for your mental health as well.

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