This is how to reduce the harmful effects of sitting all day

sitting all day

Do you spend a lot of time sitting?

A lot of people work office jobs. And that means they spend a lot of time sitting behind a computer, looking at their screens. And when we get home, we like to relax on the couch and watch a show. All that sitting isn’t very beneficial for our health. But luckily, a cure has been found.


If you spend hour after hour sitting on a chair or couch, you are at risk of developing certain chronic diseases. Like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia. People who move around a lot during the day are way less likely to get these diseases. That means that sitting around all day without any form of exercise or movement, could lead to an early death. And the most unfortunate news; just going to the gym or for a run might not actually reduce the effects of your inactive lifestyle.


Luckily, there is something that will reduce the harmful effects of sitting all day. And it is actually pretty easy to do! Researchers found that if you take a five-minute walk every half-hour, you could already significantly reduce the negative effects that sitting all day has on your health. According to Science Alert, taking a five-minute walk reduced participants blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

And that is not the only benefit to taking a five-minute stroll. The researchers also discovered mental health benefits. Walking around for five minutes after thirty minutes of work already made workers feel less tired, got them in a better mood and made them feel like they had more energy.

So if you spend a lot of time in a chair, you might want to set an alarm every thirty minutes. Just so you can get up and walk around for five. You’ll feel better right away!

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Source: Science Alert | Image: Unsplash, Daria Nepriakhina