Ingenious – with sounds from this music video your child will fall asleep in no time

It is definitely worth trying!

The debilitating, interrupted nights are the hardest for every new parent. Out of desperation, the craziest antics are pulled to get your newborn baby to sleep. Are you a parent who, out of desperation, puts your child in the car and drives around at three in the morning to get your child to sleep? Then we have good news for you, because thanks to this video, those sleepless nights may be a thing of the past!

Car ride sound

It works like magic. Put screaming and crying children in the car, drive around the neighborhood and they fall asleep like – yes – a baby. But you do have to get in the car to do this. The creators of this special video have made things a little easier for parents. The video simulates the sound of a moving car, so that parents no longer have to leave the house in the middle of the night.

Sleepless nights for parents

“I have just visited a family whose father is having a burnout due to lack of sleep,” says child sleep coach Susanne Willekes. During her career, she has experienced a lot of misery with young children. “You get relationships that are under pressure, or people who have to stop working temporarily. I have even seen people who have had a heart attack or panic attacks and dizziness,” said Willekes.

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