Beware: warn children about this dangerous plant before they go outside to play!

dangerous plant

This dangerous plant usually grows where children are playing

The sun is out again and it’s nice and warm outside, which means loads of children are going outside to play again. This is wonderful of course, because nothing beats being outside in the fresh air and getting as dirty as you want. There is something to be careful about, though, because this dangerous plant grows in a lot of places children like to play. Warn your kids to stay away from giant hogweed!

Be careful!


Parents are being warned about the giant hogweed, since it is active again at this time of year. The plant is easy to recognise, since it can grow up to a height of four meters (13 feet) and has giant leaves. The hogweed’s sap can cause serious injuries if it comes into contact with skin and sunlight. A process called phototoxicity takes place, which means you can get huge blisters.


If you or your child has come into contact with the sap of the giant hogweed, it’s important to thoroughly rinse the spot with a lot of water. Prevent the spot from being exposed to sunlight in order to prevent new blisters from appearing. The symptoms of giant hogweed poisoning are red, itchy blotches that appear after a day. These blotches can swell up and transform into large blisters. Be very careful, because sap getting into your and your children’s eyes can even cause blindness! This is a truly dangerous plant. Warn your children and show them a picture of hogweed so they know what they should be looking out for.

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