Here’s why you should be making your bed with wet sheets! This trick is amazing!

wet sheets

Make your bed with wet sheets for the perfect night’s rest

Everybody knows how to make a bed. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world, but it can be an annoying chore. It often leaves us completely exhausted and then we notice that the fitted sheet is full of wrinkles! That’s not only an eyesore, it also makes for a much less comfortable night’s sleep. Those wrinkles can be super annoying when you’re lying in bed.

The solution? Making your bed with wet sheets. It sounds crazy, but it does work!


You know when you sleep at a hotel and the bed is made super neatly and there isn’t a wrinkle in sight? You sleep amazingly in that perfectly made bed and then you get home again and you see your own bed; full of wrinkles. So, what should you do? Ironing your sheets after washing them? Making your bed is enough of a chore already – no one wants to go through the trouble of actually ironing their sheets as well! Turns out, you can get yourself wrinkle-free sheets very easily. And it doesn’t take any extra time!

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