Want to lose some weight? Then you should stop doing these 5 things!


If you do these things, you won’t lose any weight!

Many people before you have at some point come to the conclusion that their pants feel slightly tighter than they did before – especially after the holidays. Although you won’t want to admit it, you might have gained a few pounds. Want to get rid of them? Then you shouldn’t do the following things.

Losing weight by skipping meals is a bad idea.

  • Eating too fast: It takes your brain about twenty minutes to realise you’re full. If you eat your meal too fast, you won’t immediately notice that you’re full already. When you eat more slowly, your brain has more time to catch up and will let you know when you’re full more quickly (relatively speaking).
  • Putting yourself on a diet: If you want to lose some pounds, and want them to stay off, it’s not a good idea to put yourself on a strict diet. A diet isn’t something you want to keep doing your entire life, after all, and when you stop, you’ll often gain back the pounds you’ve lost pretty quickly. If you want a more long-lasting effect when you lose weight, it’s best to permanently change your eating habits.
  • Skipping meals: When you skip a meal, there’s a considerable chance you’ll actually consume more calories during the day. That’s because you’ll be super hungry when the next meal comes around. Try to keep your digestion going by eating several small meals throughout the day.
  • Compensating: If you exercise a lot your body will obviously need more food. Since you’ve worked yourself into a sweat, it’s fine to eat some crisps, right? Wrong. Do you want your training session to be effective? Instead of crisps, eat some yogurt with fruit after your workout.
  • Expecting quick results: Are you back on the scales only two days after changing your eating habits? Then you’ll probably be disappointed. You won’t notice any difference after a single training session or day one of adopting a healthy diet. You’ll have to persevere for a while before you’ll see any results.

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Source: Flair | Image: archive