This is why burning a candle can be bad for your health


They might look lovely and cosy, but candles aren’t always good for your health

Light a couple of candles or tea lights and you immediately add some ambiance and warmth to a room. The flickering light looks so cosy, but unfortunately, some candles can be pretty harmful to you and your health.

As soon as you light a candle, an unhealthy substance can be released.


A lot of homes sport at least a couple of candles on a coffee table or end table here and there. They’re popular decorative items and they can spruce up any room and make it look warm and cosy. Yet it’s not always a good idea to burn candles. Most of them are made of paraffin, which in turn is made of petroleum. As soon as you light paraffin-based candles, chemicals like benzene can be released. These substances can have an irritating effect on your airways.

Wick of a candle

Unfortunately, paraffin isn’t the only issue. The wick of a candle can contain lead. In some countries, it’s illegal to sell candles that have leaden wicks, but this isn’t the case everywhere. Are you on holiday and do you spot a nice candle? Check whether the wick is lead-free.

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