Did you know? Having a sister makes you a happier person

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Are you and your sister close?

If you grew up with sisters, you might not have felt the benefits of it at that time. Or maybe you and your sister are very close and have been best friends since you were kids. Either way; having a sister might actually be the reason why you’re the amazing person that you are today.

Mental health

If you and your sister were close growing up, you might already feel like she is a blessing. But there are some other benefits that indicate that your sister is the best thing that has ever happened to you. A study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, indicates that a sister positively influences your self-esteem and mental health. Another benefit is that you don’t feel lonely or excluded and your sister keeps you from feeling unloved or self-conscious. One report showed that when people have a sister, they score higher on mental health than people without a sister.

And all of that because you were born into the same family!

Other benefits

But your mental health isn’t the only thing that benefits from having a sister. Apparently, when you have at least one sister, you will be smarter than people without sisters. Concordia University found that having a sister makes you more intelligent. But it will also make you better at dealing with stress. Psychologists at the University of Ulster and De Monfort University found that your sibling will improve your communication and with that, your ability to deal with challenges you face later in life.

So if you haven’t talked to your sister in a while, give her a ring and thank her for all the things she unknowingly taught you!

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Source: Mamamia, Baby Chick, Hella Life | Image: Unsplash, Janko Ferlič