These are the 7 signs of appendicitis


The following seven symptoms are characteristic for (acute) appendicitis:

  1. Heavy and often sudden pain that starts around your bellybutton.
  2. After a couple of hours, the pain moves to the right side of your lower belly.
  3. The pain gets increasingly worse.
  4. The pain feels like something you have never experienced before.
  5. Touching and releasing your belly hurts. Coughing, inhaling deeply, or other shocking movements cause sharp stabs of pain.
  6. You have a raised temperature (mostly not above 39 degrees Celsius).
  7. The pain can be accompanied with nausea, a decreased appetite, constipation, and vomiting.

How to cure it

Appendicitis sadly does not cure itself. Therefore, the appendix needs to be removed by operation as quickly as possible.  This happens using anesthetics and often by means of a keyhole surgery. When the appendix is not removed in time, it could burst. The content of the appendix then enters the abdominal cavity, which in turn can cause peritonitis. In that case you have pains in your entire stomach that need to be cured through a course of antibiotics.

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Source: Maag Lever Darmstichting | Image: Pexels