Don’t hold back your tears! Here are 7 health benefits to crying


Are you crying because you’re sad or because something moves you? It’s all okay

One person almost never cries and another cries their eyes out every month (or even more often). One thing is certain: we’ve all done it. Don’t try to fight the tears, but let them flow freely because crying also has some benefits. 

Some try to suppress tears because they are scared it makes them seem weak, but science gives you seven good reasons to not hold those tears back.


We all cry sometimes. One person more than the other, but the figures don’t lie. Research from the University of Tilburg shows that men cry on average 1 time per four weeks and women cry on average 2.7 times per four weeks. This is not a bad thing at all! Take a look at the benefits of crying below.

1. Crying calms you down

Research carried out in 2014 shows that crying has a comforting effect. In the research is explained that crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps people to relax.

2. It gives you more support

Sometimes people don’t understand how much something is bothering you, but they suddenly understand it better when you cry. Research carried out in 2016 shows that crying is so-called attachment behaviour. This means that crying makes people want to comfort you and support you.

3. It really eases the pain

When you cry because something made you sad, the pain is often quite sharp, but you do feel relieved after you cry. Does this sound familiar? That’s not that odd. Researchers found out that your body produces oxytocin and endorphins when you cry. These components make people feel good and that’s why you experience the sharp pain a little less intense.

4. It gives you a better mood

Your body, as explained above, produces oxytocin and endorphins when you cry. That’s why crying makes you feel better after you’ve cried and puts you in a better mood.

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