These are 6 clear signs that you sleep too much

3. Brain fog

Brain fog is an odd occurrence for many people. You are physically present and your brain is working, but your head is not in it. It feels like your head is filled with cottonwool that keeps you from thinking clearly. Do you recognise this? Then there is a big chance that you’ve been sleeping too much. Structure your sleeping rhythm by getting out of bed at the same time every day and you will notice that the brain fog disappears.

4. Waking up tired

You’ve slept nine hours, woke up, and realized that you were still tired. Sleeping in to make up for some lost hours during the week may not be such a good idea then. Your biological clock gets confused and causes you to stay tired. Do you really want to catch up on some lost sleep? Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than you normally do. You’ll see that you’re feeling less tired than when you would stay in bed until 11 a.m. on a Saturday.

5. Memory loss

Sleeping too little, but sleeping too much as well, can have negative consequences for your memory. Research shows that women who slept too much were performing worse on certain brain tests than women who slept a normal seven or eight hours per night.

6. Gaining weight

Maybe one of the most negative consequences of too much sleep is gaining weight. Research carried out by the University of Glasgow shows that there is a connection between sleeping habits and gaining weight amongst people with obesity. The research also shows that people with obesity who have short nights (less than seven hours of sleep per night) or long nights (more than nine hours of sleep per night) experience negative consequences regarding their weight.

The advice? Don’t sleep too little and don’t sleep too much!

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Source: Viva | Image: Pexels