10 signs that your blood sugar levels are too high


It is dangerous to walk around with high blood sugar for too long

Your blood sugar level starts to rise when your body produces less or no insuline. Normally, your body produces insuline automatically, for example, when you’ve had a meal with a lot of carbs. The amount of carbs makes your blood sugar levels go up, but insuline makes those levels go down again. You can imagine that this process does not work the way it should when your body does not produce enough insuline. Blood sugar levels that are too high are dangerous, which is why we present you with ten signs to help your recognise it.

Do you often have complaints like these?


High blood sugar is not life-threatening at first, but you can’t wait too long to do something about it. Your organs and brain can get damaged when your blood sugar is too high for too long. Apart from that, you also have an increased risk of infections and a high blood sugar level can eventually put you in a coma. This is why it is wise to learn the signs of a high blood sugar level so you can spot it in time.

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