Apparently, we unconsciously misuse disinfectant hand gel

hand gel

Did you know that disinfecting your hands should be done this way?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have all started using more disinfectant hand gel. Until now, we’ve never had to disinfect our hands when visiting the supermarket. Nowadays it is almost normal, and we look for the gel before we enter the store. However, disinfecting your hands turns out to be more difficult than expected. In addition, most of us are doing it wrong. Oops!

Wash hands

We all know that hand washing is the best way to disinfect our hands. In the past, a lot of attention was paid to washing our hands properly. This was explained in detail in various instructional videos. However, running water is not always available at every store or gas pump. The solution: a pump with disinfectant hand gel. But how does this actually work?

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