These are 6 clear signs that you sleep too much


It turns out that you can sleep too much as well

Sleeping too little is very bad for your mental and physical wellbeing so it is really not recommended that you shorten your nights. But did you know that sleeping too much can also be bad for you?

These signs let you know that you get too many hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation

Someone who constantly sleeps too little can start to suffer from sleep deprivation. It may seem that you can recover that lost sleep by sleeping more in the weekends, but that’s not the case. Sleep deprivation is very difficult to catch up on and can lead to having several physical and mental symptoms. You can experience a drop in concentration, a craving for junk food more often, and a sad feeling. Additionally, your immune system could be so weak that you develop a cold every time it is going around. So it is important to sleep enough, but how do you know whether you sleep too much? These signs could tell you.

1. Headache

You may think that you get a headache from not sleeping enough, but you can also get one by spending too many hours lying down on your soft pillow. Dr. Elizabeth McDevitt explains how that is possible. She says that the fluctuations of nerve impulses can cause a headache when you’re sleeping. When you’re still asleep when you would normally have your breakfast or drink your coffee, you can develop a headache because of the low blood sugar, dehydration or a caffeine deficiency.

2. Everything hurts

Perhaps you think that your body is completely rested when you sleep a lot of hours, but your body can actually hurt as well when you’ve had a long night’s rest. Does this happen to you? Then you know that you’ve been enjoying your warm blanket for a little too long.

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